Important Disclaimer – Read First:

These contacts have been provided as a courtesy to our clients. They have been put together over many years by several different inspectors as well as through personal acquaintances and recommendations from friends and clients. Asgard Home Inspection in no way benefits from these referrals and recommends that you do due diligence in researching all companies that you choose to work with. We hope that with regular client feedback we can improve on this list and edit out those referrals that are no longer performing to satisfactory standards or those who are no longer in business. Please understand that over the years many conditions change in the world of contracting and it is difficult for us to keep track of all these changes. Your regular feedback is much appreciated in helping to keep this list current and of high quality. Thank you for your help in making this a quality referral page.

CategoryTrade NameComments
Air QualityChemical Free Home Products
ASHIAmerican Society of Home Inspectors (Western Washington)
ASHIAmerican Society of Home Inspectors
Asphalt PatchU.S. Cold PatchGreener Product
Bio DieselLaurelhurst Oil
Bio DieselWashington Biodiesel
Carbon NeutralNetgreen
CarpetCarpet and Rug InstituteEco-friendly carpet
Concrete Recycling
ElectricSeattle Building DepartmentPermits / Questions
ElectricZinsco Electric Panles
ElectricFederal Pacific Electric Panels
ElectricAluminum Wiring
Energy ConservationWalk ScoreFind out what you can walk to
Energy ConservationDriving Tips to Save Fuel
Energy ConservationEnergy Star
Energy ConservationEnergy HogConservation Info
Energy ConservationEnvironmental Impact Calculator
Energy ConservationNorthwest InfraredHeat Loss Detection
Energy ConservationSeattle City LightGreen-up Program
Energy ConservationConvect Air Electric Heaters Efficient Electric Heaters
Energy ConservationOrca Efficiency GroupHope Performance Testing
Environmental BuildingGreen Home Products
Environmental BuildingLEED
Environmental BuildingCradle to Grave Certification
Environmental BuildingScientific Certification SystemsScientifically certified green home products
Environmental BuildingNW Ecobuilding Guild
Environmental BuildingBuilt Green Program
Environmental BuildingEnvironmental Home Center
Environmental BuildingUS Green Building Council
HeatingEfficient Electric Heaters
LumberForest Stewardship CouncilSustainable lumber
LumberRainforest AllianceSustainable lumber
Oil TanksPollution Liability Insurance Agency
Pest ControlWashington State Pest Management Assoc.
PlumbingPEX Supply Tubing Info
PlumbingPolybutylene Law Suit
Product SafetyConsumer Product Safety Recalls
Product SafetyConsumer Product Safety Commission Recalls
Roofing / Roof RecyclingRecovery 1
Roofing / Roof RecyclingHeating Loads and RoofingInfo
Roofing / Roof RecyclingCool Roof Rating CouncilInfo Re: Heating Loads and Roofing
Roofing / Roof RecyclingAmerican Roof RecyclersAsphalt comp, wood shake, woodruf recycling
SidingHardi PlankFiber Cement Info
SidingWeyerhaeuserHardboard Failure
SidingLousiana PacificLP Inner Seal
SidingHardboard SidingGeneral Info
SolarSolar Washington
Tidal Power
Water QualityCustom PureWater Filtration
WindowsNational Fenestration Rating CouncilWindow, Door and Skylight Ratings
WindowsWindow Medics
WindowsWindow Defogers
WindpowerSeattle City Light