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Important Disclaimer – Read First:

These contacts have been provided as a courtesy to our clients. They have been put together over many years by several different inspectors as well as through personal acquaintances and recommendations from friends and clients. Asgard Home Inspection in no way benefits from these referrals and recommends that you do due diligence in researching and interviewing all contractors who work on your home. We hope that with regular client feedback we can improve on this list and edit out those referrals that are no longer performing to satisfactory standards or those who are no longer in business. Please understand that over the years many conditions change in the world of contracting and it is difficult for us to keep track of all these changes. Your regular feedback is much appreciated in helping to keep this list current and of high quality. Thank you for your help in making this a quality referral page.
Category Locale Trade Name Comments Phone Number
Appliance Repair Seattle Gas Fireplace Specialist 206-799-0454
Appliance Repair Seattle Wiseman Appliance 206-937-7400
Appliance Repair Kitsap M&D Appliances 866-637-3788
Appliance Repair Seattle A-1 Nat. Gas (Repair Gas Logs)
Appliance Repair Seattle Allied Services – Carl (gas appliances) 937-0300
Appliance Repair Seattle Scott Wiseman 206-937-5524
Architects / Designers Kitsap Marc Bjorklund 206-982-7701
Architects / Designers Seattle Central Design 206-384-2309
Architects / Designers Kitsap Darrell Cooley 206-842-9435
Architects / Designers Seattle Chris Herman 206-525-3969
Architects / Designers Kitsap Bruce Glenn 360-385-5477
Architects / Designers Kitsap David Wrinkle 206-842-4409
Attorneys Seattle Rod Harmon Realestate 206-402-7800
Attorneys Kitsap Cynthia Massa 206-484-5989
Attorneys Seattle Greg Lawless Real Estate 206-782-9535
Bio Diesel Seattle Washington Biodiesel 206-622-7078
Bio Diesel Seattle Seattle Biodiesel 206-767-5095
Building Envelope Failures East Side Morrison-Hersgfield 425-451-1301
Building Envelope Failures Seattle Tatley Grund Full Servive Contrcator 206-523-4653
Building Envelope Falures Seattle Build Env. Tech & Research 206-405-3455
Chimney Sweeps / Masons Seattle Design Masonry 206-682-2201
Chimney Sweeps / Masons Seattle Brian Tinsely 206-579-6424
Chimney Sweeps / Masons East Side Woodinville Chimney Sweeps 425-672-7331
Chimney Sweeps / Masons Seattle Sutter Home and Hearth 206-783-9115
Chimney Sweeps / Masons Seattle Emerald City Chimney Sweeps 206-522-0290
Chimney Sweeps / Masons Seattle Safeguard Chimneys 206-624-6519
Chimney Sweeps / Masons Kitsap Bret Winslow 360-876-8765
Chimney Sweeps / Masons Kitsap Dan Osborn 360-792-0356
Chimney Sweeps / Masons Seattle Phil Murphy Stonework 206-387-3055
Concrete Cutting Seattle Economy Concrete Cutting 206-525-0541
Contractors / Carpenters Seattle DLR Construction Services 206-979-7614
Contractors / Carpenters Versatile Home Improvement 425-576-1200
Contractors / Carpenters Kitsap Jeff Patricio 360-440-0769
Contractors / Carpenters Kitsap Ken Homewood 360-662-0434
Contractors / Carpenters East Side NWB General Construction 425-985-3735
Contractors / Carpenters Seattle Case Handyman Service 206-522-1100
Contractors / Carpenters Seattle Renovations Plus Small Stuff 425-681-0920
Contractors / Carpenters Seattle Handiman Maintenance 206-878-1309
Contractors / Carpenters Seattle Hometask 206-306-5525
Contractors / Carpenters Seattle Jacob Woolman 206-595-0899
Crawl Space Cleanup Kitsap Absolute Crawl Space Repair 206-842-2639
Crawl Space Cleanup Kitsap Eden 800-401-9935
Crawl Space Cleanup Seattle Clean Crawls 206-447-9996
Deck Waterproofing Seattle Paulka Waterproofing 206-367-5813
Drainage / Waterproofing Kitsap Gary Helsene 360-340-5986
Drainage / Waterproofing Kitsap Northtown John Eremic 206-786-0726
Drainage / Waterproofing East Side Absolute Water Proof Michael Connolly 425-347-8871
Drainage / Waterproofing Seatle Bodine 425-881-2577
Drainage / Waterproofing Seattle Rite-Way 206-784-8330
Drainage / Waterproofing Seattle Perma-Dry 425-277-1990
Drywall Seattle Artistico Drywall 206-719-4062
Drywall Seatle Chuck Carlson 206-325-9092
Drywall Seattle Mhrep Drywall 206-282-4288
Ductwork Cleaning Seattle Hunts Power Vac 206-782-2634
Ductwork Cleaning Seattle Howies Power Vac 206-783-3316
Earthquake Retrofit Seattle Sound Seizmic 206-725-2746
Earthquake Retrofit Seattle A-fix 206-284-6226
EIFS Inspection Seattle Greg Heck 206-255-7584
Electrical East Side Sterling Electric 425-486-4722
Electrical Seattle Bowie Electric 206-789-6500
Electrical East Side POP Electric Aluminum Wiring Repair 425-485-5118
Electrical Kitsap Raincoast Electric Dylan Wilkins 360-301-6191
Electrical Seattle C & R Electric 206-937-3654
Electrical Seattle Kevin Womac 206-484-7335
Electrical Kitsap John Wrigles 206-484-7335
Electrical East Side Globe Electric 425-228-8102
Electrical Seattle Economy Wiring 206-244-7868
Electrical Seattle Hudson Electric 206-725-1092
Environmental Abatement Seattle Affordable Abatement 800-672-2283
Environmental Abatement Kitsap KCB Inc 360-830-5022
Environmental Abatement Seattle EHSI Elizabeth Huarte 425-455-2959
Environmental Abatement Seattle One Step Env. Abatement 206-359-1079
Environmental Testing Seattle Prezant 206-281-8858
Environmental Testing East Side EHSI 425-455-2959
Environmental Testing Seattle Lab/Cor Inc 206-781-0155
Flooring Seattle Ballard Hardwoods 206-784-9369
Flooring Seattle Mike Denny 206-909-0315
Flooring East Side AMC (Tommy) 425-712-3705
Flooring Kitsap Island Floors 206-842-0700
Foundation Repairs Seattle Excavators Northwest Frank 206-784-0529
Foundation Repairs Seattle Robbins & Co. 206-244-1023
Foundation Repairs East Side Pacific Piling 425-485-8869
Foundation Repairs Seattle Tom Smith 206-440-5790
Foundation Repairs Seattle Merkava Construction House Moving 206-679-7244
Gas Lines Seattle Affordable Gas Service 206-609-9157
Gas Lines Seattle Lake City Plumbing 206-546-8843
Gutter Install / Repair Kitsap Novak Gutters 360-692-2211
Gutter Install / Repair Seattle All Clear Inc 206-938-5847
Gutter Install / Repair Seattle Roof and Gutter Cleaning 206-354-0509
Heating Seattle Olson Heating 206-782-5522
Heating Seattle Gennessee Heating 206-772-1545
Heating Seattle Even Conklin (Boilers/ Hydronic) 206-510-1186
Heating Seattle Abundant Heating 206-244-3393
Heating Kitsap Economy Heating 360-692-1621
Heating Seattle AnchorHeating 206-444-5166
Heating Kitsap Bel Red Heating 425-814-0466
Houseboat Divers Seattle James Hicks Hoseboat Float Inspection 206-579-5856
Insulation East Side WA Insulation 425-487-3444
Mold Testing / Remediation Seattle Atmosphere 206-526-2700
Mold Testing / Remediation Seattle Prezant 206-281-8858
Mold Testing / Remediation Seattle Healthy Buildings 206-297-3808
Oil Tanks / Spills Seattle Fire Mashall 206-386-1450
Oil Tanks / Spills Seattle Tank Wise 206-937-3995
Oil Tanks / Spills Seattle Tanks By Dallas 206-356-0291
Oil Tanks / Spills State (PLIA) Pollution Libility Ins. Agency. 800-822-3905
Painters Seattle A & A Painting 206-931-3346
Painters Seattle Mascot Painting 206-666-6206
Painters Kitsap Brent Grossman
Painters Seattle Perminizer Plus To Seal LP Siding 206-368-9454
Painters Seattle NESW Painting 206–850-9085
Painters Seattle Diversity Painting 206-850-4955
Painters Seattle All Seasons Painting 206-226-4243
Pest Control (WDO) Seattle Willards Pest Control 206-368-8184
Pest Control (WDO) Kitsap Sunrise Pest Management 206-842-1112
Pest Control (WDO) Kitsap G.O. Price Steve Smith 206-842-1143
Pest Control (WDO) State Eden 800-401-9935
Plumbers Kitsap Trueman Plumbing Devin 360-697-7766
Plumbers Seattle Royal Flush Drain Cleaning 206-850-1806
Plumbers Seattle Greg McClellan 206-914-2166
Plumbers Kitsap Palace Enterprises Fernando 360-340-0816
Plumbers Seattle Greg Jensen 206-244-7733
Plumbers Seattle Stack Plumbing 425-821-0989
Plumbers Seattle Big Jim’s Plumbng 206-356-3883
Plumbers Seattle Jim Dandy 206-633-1141
Rodent Control Kitsap Sunrise pest Management 206-842-1112
Rodent Control Seattle Eden Pest Control 800-401-9935
Rodent Control Seattle Critter Control 800-CRITTER
Rodent Control Seattle Terminators Pest Control Steve Abramavage 425-823-8351
Rodent Control Seattle Sound Varmint Control 253-208-7893
Roofing Seattle Golden Rule 206-914-4896
Roofing East Side Taff Repair Small Repairs 425-227-9682
Roofing Kitsap Pinacle 206-842-7628
Roofing Kitsap Hanley Roofing 206-842-4321
Roofing Seattle WA Roof Certification 206-361-9008
Roofing Seattle Righteous Roofing 206-486-7663
Roofing Seattle Northface Roofing 206-227-0795
Roofing Seattle Rayneproof Roofing 206-935-1400
Roofing Seattle NW Roofcare 206-363-6711
Roofing Seattle Lau Construction 206-650-8828
Septic Systems Kitsap Josh Pippinger 206-714-8598
Septic Systems Kitsap David Martin 360-598-3505
Septic Systems Kitsap John Eremic Northtown 206-786-0726
Sewer Inspection Seattle APS Nick and David 425-888-2590
Sewer Inspection Seattle Seattle Sewer Inspection Aaron 206-335-2315
Sewer Inspection Seattle Hydro-Physics Rick and Mike 425-775-8445
Siding Seattle Evergreen Siding 206-938-8044
Siding Seattle Chaussee Siding 425-488-2727
Siding Seattle Covington Construction 888-660-1993
Siding Seattle Sound Siding 253-639-8728
Soils Engineers East Side Cornerstone 425-844-1977
Soils Engineers East Side Keith Cross 425-820-0951
Soils Engineers Seattle Shannon-Wilson 206-632-8020
Soils Engineers Seattle Geo Group Bill Chang 425-649-8757
Soils Engineers Kitsap Aspect Consulting 206-780-9370
Soils Engneers East Side Soil and Env. Engineering 425-868-5868
Solar Seattle Solar Washington 206-222-7113
Solar Seattle Winter Sun Design 206-525-3969
Solar Seattle Northwest Solar Center 206-396-8446
Solar Seattle Household Power 206-297-0086
Structural Engineers East Side Poggemeyer Design Group 425-827-5995
Structural Engineers Kitsap ADI Structures 206-842-9064
Structural Engineers Kitsap John Peterson 206-780-9370
Structural Engineers Kitsap Edward Jonson 206-780-0524
Structural Engineers East Side Rob Dibble Engineering 425-417-3735
Structural Engineers East Side Mike Mitchel 425-861-7581
Structural Engineers East Side Solvang Inspection Engineering 425-643-9680
Stucco Seattle O’Neil Plastering 206-229-5681
Stucco Seattle McGlynn Plastering 206-329-2686
Stucco Seattle JJ Jefferson 206-633-2944
Survey Seattle Cremer Property Servey 206-328-4350
Thermal Imaging Seattle Northwest Infrared Brent Foster 360-786-6859
Tractor Service Kitsap Millican Tractor Service Jim 206-842-1220
Water Purification Custom Pure 206-363-0039
Well Inspections East Side B&J Drilling 425-392-3826
Well Inspections East Side A&J Drilling 425-821-6570
Window Repair / Replacement Seattle Skyline Windows (Screens) 206-542-2147
Window Repair / Replacement Seattle North End Glass 206-523-9600
Window Repair / Restoration Seattle Seattle Window Defogers
Window Repair / Restoration Seattle Double Hung Window Restoration Ballard